Another Silver Marketing Gimmick

$1 Over Spot for Silver Rounds Just recently I published an article on how unassuming gold buyers can be easily misled by gold dealers who use a certain pricing technique. In that particular case, the gold dealer was using ‘wholesale price’ as the reference instead of spot price. I just found another technique that precious [...]

Gold and Silver Coin Minting Process

Weekly Gold Price Chart Technical Analysis 16 April 2014

Gold Turns Down Strongly from 1330 – 16 April 2014

Gold Turns Down Strongly from 1330 – 16 April 2014 In the previous technical analysis of gold, I had given a target of 1330 as there was a support zone at that price. Gold hit a high of 1331.40 before turning down strongly. Here’s the updated daily price chart for gold that shows the strong [...]

Gold and Silver Investment Quiz

As always, do let me know what do you think about this quiz and how it has helped you by commenting in the below comments box. And do share this page with your friends, family and relatives who are thinking about investing in gold and silver. It might save your loved ones a lot of [...]

Quiz on Gold Investment Education