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CRB Index Chart – Trading Opportunities on the Horizon

CRB Index Chart Here’s the CRB Index Chart that shows how narrow the trading range has become. The action on the CRB Index has been developing in a contracting triangle since mid 2010. As you can see, the MACD is nicely oscillating about the zero line which is a good indicator to confirm a contracting [...]

CRB Index Chart 13 July 2013

Crude Oil Weekly Chart - 16 Apr 2013

Crude Oil Technical Analysis – 16 April 2013

Crude Oil Technical Analysis – 16 April 2013 Weekly Perspective for Crude Oil This is a technical analysis of crude oil using Elliott Wave Analysis. The crude oil price has been forming a contracting triangle (in amber) in the weekly chart as shown below. This contracting triangle has been in place since June 2010. Contracting [...]

Coal Technical Analysis

Coal Technical Analysis The price of coal has been continuing its drop since our last review of coal pricesĀ in our Sakari Resources article back in May 2012. In that review, we had forecast two possible moves for coal. One was that price of coal would drop to around 76 USD before moving higher to 200 [...]

Thermal Coal Price Chart

Crude Oil Price Technical Analysis

Crude Oil Chart – Trapped in a Symmetrical Triangle

Crude Oil Chart – Trapped in a Symmetrical Triangle In this article, we present the technical analysis of crude oil. Below is the crude oil chart which highlights the crude oil price being trapped in a symmetrical triangle. First off, there are a number of criteria that must be met for a symmetrical triangle as [...]

Are We In a Deflation Yet?

Are We In a Deflation Yet? Most of us are used to inflation for such a long time that deflation is seen as an unlikely event. However, there are always rises and falls in business cycles which has a direct impact on inflation and deflation. After a stunning bull run up until 2007, the stock [...]

Nasdaq Chart